Custom Made Name Tags For Fraternal Organizations

Our unique marketing plan for Greek fraternal organizations provides a needed service for the individual chapters while producing income for the national headquarters.

You need no inventory. Since each chapter orders custom-made name tags we invoice and ship directly to the chapters.
We sell only through national headquarters merchandising departments not to your members or individuals or retail stores. We respect the propriety of your Greek symbols.

Marketing Support – We provide samples for merchandising personnel and we provide marketing support with displays, web site art and layouts for flyers.

You simply present the program to your chapters, show the display board at your conventions and seminars, ask your chapter consultants to wear the name tags and help market them, place the name tags prominently on your web site, and once each quarter include a flyer in your mailings to the chapters.

Private web site link – We’ll provide a private web page exclusively for your organization which will allow your members to read the complete details of the program and see pictures. You link your web site to that page and we¹ll direct the inquiry back to your order desk. Only your identification will appear on the web site. It will be exclusively yours as long as you remain in the program.

You advise your chapters to forward their orders to us in an email or Word document for fulfillment. We bill your chapters engrave the order and ship it directly to your chapters.

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